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How To Prepare An Expense Budget

How To Prepare An Expense Budget

All of us look to the future and hope for the best, but not everyone makes the effort to
collect the data needed to answer the question: “Will I Have Enough?” Indeed, most
people just roll the dice and trust that an optimistic attitude will be sufficient. Yet the
reality is that […]

The Market Needs A Breather

In the aftermath of an extended runup in stock prices, such as what we have experienced
since the early months of 2009, investors tend to get increasingly concerned about the
possibility of a dramatic downturn. To be sure, there are reasons to believe that could
happen, but there is a substantial basis for expecting a less troublesome outcome.

The […]

Progress Trumps Politics

Progress Trumps Politics

It seems likely that much of the impetus behind the post-election market rally is the prospect of
accelerated economic activity, which over time has been the prime mover for stock prices. Yet
given the recent maelstrom in Washington, it’s not unusual for folks to be concerned that
maybe that prospect is in jeopardy.

The focal points […]

Why Dollar-Cost Averaging is a Good Idea

Why Dollar-Cost Averaging is a Good Idea

At times such as these when more than a few reasonably experienced Wall
Streeters have commented on the richness of current stock valuations, it makes
sense to review worthwhile investment approaches that have been tested over
time. One that tends to get a lot of lip service, though certainly less attention in
practice, […]

Prepare for a Difficult Stock Market

Prepare for a Difficult Stock Market

The stock market rally that has been under way since last November’s election has been fueled in large part by investors’ expectations of a more robust business climate, reduced taxes, and a generally more optimistic view of what lies ahead. Although some may have seen that as overlaid with far […]

What You Should Expect From Your Financial Adviser

Engaging the assistance of a financial adviser has a broad range of dimensions, typically more than most folks might expect. Often what prompts the start of a search for assistance is a significant life event. Why? Because all of us are faced with the key question about our financial lives: Will we have enough in […]

15 March 2017 – commentary

It’s All Relative

Two of the questions I hear regularly are “When to buy?” and “When to sell?” Those kinds of inquiries suggest that there’s an absolute level at which a security is worth adding to one’s portfolio as well as a price when it’s time to say adios. It would be nice to think that […]

March 9, 2017 – commentary

Ignore the folks who say “It’s Different This Time”

It’s never different, though there are times when some of us are tempted to
believe there are good reasons to think that dramatic changes taking place
demand a new mindset.

Remember the New Economy of 1999-2000. Those were the good old days
when things like profit and loss statements and balance […]

1 March 2017 – commentary

Trees Don’t Grow To The Sky

The seemingly nonstop rally that’s been under way since last November’s election may be tempting to join, but years of watching these kinds of things tell me it’s best to get off the trolley before it heads in the opposite direction. The current market euphoria is a stretch […]

23 February 2017 – commentary

Wall Street is beginning to look like La La Land

Although it seems as if the stock market can only go higher, that kind of thinking often leads to trouble. After an eight-year rally from the depths of early 2009, the leading averages continue to climb into new high territory, apparently in expectation of a substantial […]