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Is Volatility Returning?

The current year has been one of unusual calm in the investment markets.  Now that we’re almost halfway through December, it has been a period of minimal market fluctuation along with well above average upward progress.  The latter is largely a reflection of continuing momentum reflecting underlying advances in profits, both domestic and international. Yet, […]

The Tax Bill May Not Be Good News

As the day of decision on the future of U.S. taxes draws near, it seems appropriate to give further thought to its potential impact on business and individual taxpayers.  Behind all the hoopla surrounding this legislation, the probability is that whatever benefits may be forthcoming will be more like a sugar high that ultimately gives […]

As The Tax Bill Goes, So Goes The Market

Given the rich valuation of the U.S. market, the best explanation for the current optimism being shown by investors is their expectation that the tax bills now under consideration by the House and the Senate will become law.  The major beneficiary of that legislation will be corporations, which may well enjoy substantial increases in their […]

Is The Correction Finally Here?

In the wake of the latest round of nationwide elections, there are early signs of discontent among the voters.  The turnout was well above expectations and the results suggest a significant shift in attitude from what propelled the current administration into office.  All of which adds up to an increasing probability that the latest efforts […]

Are Stock Prices In La La Land?

One can only marvel at the nonstop advance of the leading market averages.  It’s almost as if the law of stock market gravity has been repealed.  Triple-digit stock price quotes abound and it seems that there must be a ban on daily retrenchments, much less a substantial correction.

The history of the Standard & Poor’s 500 […]

Smart Investors Don’t Go To Cocktail Parties

Although folks love to talk about their investment successes when they get together for drinks, you can bet that the conversations will never turn to times when things didn’t work out.  Rewind the clock to 1999 and it seemed like there was absolutely nothing else to talk about but hot stocks.  Those were the euphoric […]

Forty Ways To Stretch Your Budget

Credit cards

Pay your credit card balance in full each month.  If you don’t pay your credit card balance in full each month, you will be paying steep interest rates on the balance.  That interest rate could easily be 15% to 20% or more annually.  Call the credit card company […]

Is A Tax Cut Coming?

Now that it has become clear that the ongoing efforts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act have come to naught, Congress is about to tackle what has been billed as a massive revision of the tax code.  The last major rewrite of IRS regulations was some three decades back, so it seems like […]

Why Asset Allocation Is Important

Although asset allocation and diversification are words that are regularly used when thinking about proper portfolio construction, more often than not lip service is not followed by actual attention to the process of putting together a grouping of investments that makes sense.  What makes sense is a collection of securities within a variety of asset […]

Look Abroad For Better Stock Values

In any area other than the stock market, rising prices would reduce demand.  But as the Dow climbs, so does investors’ interest.  This makes no sense to me, and should make no sense to you.

The best of times to make new commitments is when prices are low, really low.  But in 2001-2002 or in early […]